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Stands for Gear, Resistance, Optimum, Weights, Nutrition & Dance.


GROWND is the only fitness format in the industry that successfully combines strength training  & dance from the ground. 45-60 minutes of routines choreographed to upbeat Afro-Caribbean and Hip-Hop music. 

As an experienced personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I quickly realized that women especially, shy away from strength training and tend to gravitate towards cardio formats. There is certainly a place for cardio and its importance is unquestionable. However, weight training is what sculpts bodies and accelerates weight loss. I founded this format because I wanted my female students to be introduced to resistance training in a unique and fun way.  

Each GROWND class is designed to target all major muscle groups. Each track focuses on toning & muscle sculpting while incorporating fun dance moves. 

Be prepared to use plates, dumbbells, bars, resistance bands, and balls. All of the neat tools that help build lean muscle. 

GROWND is perfect for you if you like traditional dance fitness formats but have come to understand the importance of incorporating strength training into your workout regimen.