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Connecting with your Feminine Power

Connecting with your Feminine Power

Women are naturally powerful beings but what I have learned over time is that so many women are not in tune with their feminine power. Worn down from the daily struggles it is no surprise that so many women are running around totally disconnected from our power source.

It is important that we cultivate feminine energy and live in our power in a world that is supposedly ran by men. You know how the saying goes “ It is a man’s world”. Au contraire, this is a new day and women are making history like never before. Yes, we are perfectionists, we own businesses, we pursue multiple careers, we run governments, we raise children and we transform communities. Basically, we kick ass!! So there is truly no need to minimize our naturally given powers. But what we do need more of is SELF-CARE.

Practicing self-care is definitely the most important way to tap into our inner power. Not only does this help us recover and recharge from our busy lives, but it also enhances our intuition and enables the flow of creativity.

LADIES, it is our divine feminine energy that makes us whole, reminds us that everything we desire is already within and that we are worthy of love from our SELF and others. We are powerful beings who get shit done, we are beautiful in every way and dimming our light is not doing any of us justice. So let’s focus on SHINING from the inside out!

I put together a shortlist of some of the things you can do to enhance the connection with your inner feminine power!

Practicing self-awareness

This practice requires complete honesty on your part. When you get up in the morning ask yourself; is that makeup really for ME? Throughout the day take time to check-in with your body, mind, and soul. How am I feeling at this moment? When your automatic answer is “ I’m good”. But are you really? If the answer is no…. Dig deeper, what is bothering you and why?

Be prepared for some honest conversations with yourself about what does not suit you, does not make you better, affects your happiness levels, makes you overeat etc …. Honest questions, honest answers and only then can you start ridding yourself of what is not serving your highest good. This is why taking responsibility for your life and your dreams is key!

Social media detox

Let’s face it, ladies…. So much of that social media content is fake! The photoshopped bodies, pictures of seemingly happy couples especially when you and your partner are going through hell - FYI ever thought about all those beautiful couples flooding your timeline who ended up separated and divorced? Well yeah… not everything is fake on social media and not all couples are faking their happiness but you catch my drift. Let’s be real …. Everybody has problems but only the positive, the fun, the good stuff is posted. And sometimes that can create so much toxicity in our own lives and blur our vision of the world.

Getting off social media for a couple of days will give you much-needed peace of mind and free up your time so you can focus on yourself and possibly more meaningful activities. Log out of Facebook, put your phone down, roll out the Yoga mat or go out for a walk in the park.

Spend time with other women

There is a reason so many rituals are conducted by groups of women. Uniting with other women is powerful and can be so healing. The nurturing energies and the receptiveness creates a forcefield…. One that women need to recharge. On top of that, its an opportunity to talk about the things that most women have in common and can intuitively understand about one another. Whether its dinner and wine or a hike make sure to surround yourself with positive and like-minded girlfriends!

Throw some Yoga poses in there

Turn off your electronics and set aside a couple of minutes in silence or with calming music. Make sure that you are in a space where you will be uninterrupted during this time. Get on the mat and allow yourself to do this practice with no expectations.

Child’s pose or Balasana is definitely my all-time favorite! This is a go-to position for resting and is common for beginners. When in this gentle pose get still and be present with your body. Placing the spot between your eyebrows or really your third eye down on the mat will instantly calm and soothe you.

Pigeon pose, Eka Pada Rajakapotasana is a bit more complex but is an amazing hip opener. Breathe and allow yourself to feel, this is the time to release emotions and let them surrender to your breath.

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