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What is your problem with YOGA? Seriously?

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Firstly, let us talk about the excuses and limiting beliefs associated with Yoga. " I don't have time", " I am not flexible enough", " I do not know how to do that stuff", " I do not have a gym membership" .... blah blah blah I have seriously heard every single excuse out there. So to end the madness I will start by sharing the story of an amazing 83 year old Yogini by the name of Bette Calman.

Do you see this lady?? I mean do you really SEE HER??? OK, let that sink in for a minute or two. No-one expects you to be able to get into Crow pose overnight, do not get me wrong but how much practice do you think she has had over the years. For the record, she still teaches 11 classes per week.

" The body is a remarkable instrument. It can stretch and get better all the time. Forget age. Yoga keeps you young.” Bette Calman.

Ok, so now that we killed the myth of I can't do Yoga, I have never done it before and I am not flexible like you. Let us move on to the reasons why YOU OUGHT to introduce Yoga into your daily life. Are you still with me? Or did she take your breath away? She took mine for sure so do not beat yourself up!

Firstly, this might shock you a bit but your body yearns for it. I know you think Anna Jae Fit is a little too intense. Actually I am not, what you will learn from me is empowering and life altering in all the right ways :)

So, what is Yoga? Yoga is a Sanskrit term that refers to a group of physical,mental and, spiritual practices discovered in Ancient India. Its original meaning is to " add, join and unite". Understandably, because Yoga focuses on uniting the body, the mind and the soul. This is probably the most unique aspect of Yoga versus any other form of physical activity or exercise.

Unlike working out every Yoga class has a different function, focus and intention. So practicing Yoga with a vision, a purpose, an intention helps you beyond strictly the physical aspect. For example, you could decide to complete a Yoga practice today that is geared towards the relief of back pain, anxiety or insomnia. There are also a multitude of Yoga practices done in the chair for those with disabilities, Yoga for weight-loss, Yoga for toning and I could go on all day. So do NOT tell me that YOGA is not for you... that's a lie. It is a matter of self-discipline, it requires hard work and dedication and the easy way out is an EXCUSE! Well, NONE of my clients have changed their lives with excuses.

Furthermore, Yoga is phenomenal for self-awareness! Hectic life, busy schedule, a ton of kids and obligations? Yoga is that opportunity to calm it all down within you and became aware of your self. Checking-in with your body, mind and soul can only be done when the calm has taken over. No distractions, no electronics... just you, your instructor and maybe the calming sounds of nature or Yoga music. This is an absolute MUST for any of us in this hectic world. But even more so for anyone who deals with depression and anxiety - this is the way to bring joy, peace and calm to your body the natural way.

Additionally, the deeper you go into your Yoga practice the more you can work on alignment in the body. Alignment is the basis for proper form, balance, flexibility, mobility, strength and the proper development of your muscles. Without alignment your body is not properly supported when performing exercises in any setting. In Yoga you discover really why your ab muscles are called your body's CORE - your body, your posture, your strength levels, your alignment - none of it exists without strong abs. A strong core, leads to a strong back, proper posture when at work and so much more. All of this eventually leads to a stronger, move defined, healthier and less injury prone temple. Do you understand what that means for the longevity of your body? Don't you want to live to see 83 and NOT in a wheelchair if at all possible? Some things we may not be able to prevent - granted. But excuses are also not going to help us in the long run.

One last thing, I really want to place emphasis on, is that Yoga is a very personal and intimate practice. The goal is not to out-do someone else and the poses they can achieve. Every person is different and so is your body. Some poses you cannot achieve yet and it will take months or years of practice. It literally took me 6 months to be able to master certain poses and while I am YOUR GURU I am still a work in progress and not ashamed to be transparent with you about that. Try not get frustrated with the process, it is a journey you should enjoy. We do not become experts at anything overnight. Be patient with your body it will truly thank you later!

On that note .... let us get started on this journey today and together!


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